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Lineten was formed in 2013 to sustainably combat the underutilisation of delivery assets.

Led by some of the best minds in the telecoms industry pioneering B2B auto-activations, we developed technology that would create a community for delivery providers to own and share a space, optimising our platform as a funnel for delivery opportunities.

The platform was built on two pillars: Integration and Aggregation.

Through our aggregation technology, we defined a place where every delivery company could harness their potential and grow to meet the demands of their customers.

At Lineten, we coined ‘Delivery for all’, not because we love catchy lines (we do) but because we are one of few that can definitively enhance the capabilities of every delivery provider, it’s users and of course the experience of the customer.

Our Services

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Delivery Enablement


We have a created a community of delivery providers to ensure both the customer and our delivery partners could take advantage of our lean efficient aggregation platform.

Online Ordering Systems


Designed for any retail outlet, be it food & beverage, fashion & apparel etc. We developed a rarely exploited two-way dialogue between the customer and store. Most importantly, our delivery platform interlocks with our ordering systems to ensure your customer, no matter how far, will always have access to you.

Systems Integration


Our integration team have a combined 60 years’ experience integrating cellular/banking/finance networks and POS systems around the world. The web of possibilities lies within those networks. We can take you there.

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