Failed and late deliveries can incur costs of £750-£771 million every year and pose a significant issue for more than 65% of businesses around the world. There’s a variety of factors that can cause a missed or wrong delivery – traffic, road closures, unforeseen circumstances or even the customer not being at home at the time of the delivery but the effects are the same: 1 in every 3 consumers will refuse to shop from a retailer following a negative delivery experience.

Technology lends an easy, affordable solution to the ‘sorry we missed you’ problem and can revolutionize the supply chain industry. However, a multitude of logistics companies still lacks the technical capability to improve their shipping procedures. Lineten, an expert in logistics, has put forward a solution: an API mentorship program that helps companies reap the benefits of technology to build stronger, more longer-lasting relationships with their customers.

Through API mentorship, Lineten strives to optimize consumer experience by helping logistics companies streamline their shipping processes. A key point in the program is realizing the business’ ability to offer same day or instant delivery. With 30% of customers favoring same day delivery over standard options, and 23% willing to pay extra for the service, instant delivery is no longer a cushy competitive advantage: it’s the norm.

The majority of consumers consider ‘vague delivery promises’ a negative delivery experience. A 12-hour delivery window, for instance, may not be very useful for someone who’s working a 9-5 job or has a busy schedule. A company that may be fantastic operationally and able to build deep-seeded relationships with its customers may fail to take full advantage of the technological opportunities. Technology should not push people away but rather, bring them together. Lineten’s experts aim to help companies understand their full potential through technology such as GPS tracking or the possibility of same-day delivery.

The more delivery companies embrace technologies, the more successful they will be as a business. GPS tracking allows for a more transparent delivery process and enhances consumers’ perception of a brand, as well as improves their experience. Experts suggest that the single most effective way to offset the cost of failed deliveries is to communicate with the affected customer in due time: technologies allow companies to do precisely that, offering them a full view of their order from start to finish and helping manage their expectations.

Lineten’s API mentorship scheme hopes to empower shipping companies to serve their customers better and deliver in a more transparent and reliable way, prioritizing relationships over merely revenues. By focusing on building delivery propositions, integration with e-commerce stores or physical locations, Lineten allows delivery companies to focus on what matters most of them: fulfilling and exceeding consumers’ expectations.